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Clear VC offer a broad range of technology solutions to meet the most complex of requirements. Take a look at our core areas of expertise.

Meeting Room Technologies

Meeting rooms no longer just have a simple whiteboard or flipchart in the corner. A modern meeting room needs to be equipped to handle multiple requirements from its users to make the most of the real estate.

Whether using a large format display or projection system, multiple input sources are required such as audio conferencing, laptop connectivity and document cameras to name but a few.

With the growing popularity of BYOD (Bring your own device), it also means that displaying content from tablets and mobiles has to be taken in to consideration. From a user and IT perspective alike, a meeting room incorporating all of this technology still needs to be easy to use to maximise its efficiency and your productivity.

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Room Monitoring & Booking Systems

Every company that has meeting rooms pays a price per hour for those meeting rooms, whether that be a percentage of rent, or a section of the utility bill, a meeting room is a valuable resource which costs money. Whilst staff are using the space, it is most likely contributing to the company’s success, however, when it is empty, either due to a fault, or due to its availability being unknown, it is simply a cost. To ensure maximum usage, a room monitoring and booking system can be implemented.

Many organisations use Exchange as their resource calendar, we offer a front end for each meeting room, a Touch Screen or iPad which can show the booking information but more importantly, a confirmation of attendance button.

Meetings can be scheduled quickly and easily on the go with the ability to choose a room based on its suitability for the number of attendees and the technology required for it. The system is constantly self-monitoring, when an issue is detected, the system alerts the member of staff responsible and the fault can be pro-actively rectified.

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